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Editorial Associate | Resolve Philly

What this is

Philly COVID-19 FAQ (from now on referenced as the FAQ) is an effort to provide easy access to accurate information and reporting that addresses the questions Philadelphians have about the coronavirus pandemic’s effects on life and work in the city. It is populated with reporting from local newsrooms across the city, and includes frequently asked questions, answers to which have been sourced from verified government sites or institutions. We are also working with community organizations and leaders to source even more information.

Resolve has created a framework to build this FAQ and paired up with Distributed Media Lab in order to be able to disseminate it in a way that meets folks where they are already looking for information. We’re sourcing what questions people have through submitted community questions and direct engagement efforts. The goal is to put all the essential information people may need to make it through the pandemic and its aftereffects in one place. When information is updated in our FAQ, it's automatically reflected everywhere that it's embedded. This includes updates and new content.

How people will interact with this

When someone comes across the FAQ on your site, it will appear like how it does in the middle of the Broke in Philly site or as you see in the below screenshot.

The embed, called a “collection” is accompanied with an introduction to the FAQ for your clients or readers, so they understand the breadth and function of our tool.

When you click, a viewer will open on top of your site, allowing you to read the content without being redirected to another part of the internet. On the side, you can navigate through dozens of pages of information without leaving your browser tab.

How to embed a collection

Here are instructions to embed a collection on your site from our technology partners, Distributed Media Labs.

If you need help figuring out how to embed content in your CMS, check out these tutorials for common web platforms:


Here’s the code for our generic, catch-all collection, which you are free to embed on your site at any time. You are welcome to make minor adjustments to the title and interaction instructions so that everything is as clear as possible for people visiting your site.

  Find answers to your COVID-19 questions
  It's hard to get a clear answer on what different policies mean for you, where resources are, or why and how we should do the new things we're now being told to do. Click on any square to open a universe of answers to those questions and more. Information in this FAQ comes from reporting by your local Philly newsrooms, or from official government sites and other verified sources. Don't see your question right away? Use the search bar to find key topics. If your question hasn't been answered yet, text COVID19PHL to 73224 to submit it!

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<script async src="https://c.go-fet.ch/a/embed.js"></script>

  This information collection is curated and maintained by <a href="https://resolvephilly.org/" target="_blank" style="font-weight: bold; color: #458A5B; text-decoration: underline;">Resolve Philly</a> as part of its Equally Informed project. This work aims to get real, relevant info and journalism about living and working in Philly during COVID-19 into the hands of all our residents. <a href="https://equallyinformed.com/" target="_blank" style="font-weight: bold; color: #458A5B; text-decoration: underline;">You can learn more here.</a>

Once the collection is embedded, you don’t have to touch it again. It will automatically update with new content as we add it.

Customized Collections

If you want to include a collection that focuses on a specific topic or group of topics, we are able to create a custom embed for you to use on your site. Please contact Julie or Lily (whose contact information is at the top of the page) to work with us and get that embed set up. The installation is the same as the instructions above.

Where to embed the collection (and why)

While our goal is to have the FAQ reach as many Philadelphians as possible, we don’t want this information to be misleading for people in other communities around the country. Please assume that all the information in the FAQ is specific to Philadelphia, and therefore would not be as helpful for people in other parts of the state. Some information will of course be applicable to others outside the city, but there’s no way to make that abundantly clear on every page of the FAQ.

We suggest that you embed the FAQ in a place that is prominent on your site (preferably not buried at the end of a page) and is often accessed by your community. The decision of where to put the embed is ultimately up to you, but we ask that you take these considerations into mind when deciding.

We also have some suggestions for how to embed a collection in such a way that it appears across multiple pages with minimal effort.

  • If you have sidebar content, this is a great place for the collection because it will appear on any page that has a sidebar
  • You can also create templates for pages/posts that have the collection automatically added in.

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