Are the requirements for unemployment applications still the same?

Published: 06 April, 2020 | Last updated: 21 May, 2020 9:15 pm | Español

Por Katie Meyer

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has made a few concrete changes to deal with the influx of unemployment applications.

The Department of Labor and Industry waived two of the requirements that people applying for unemployment compensation usually have to follow. Claimants no longer have to prove they have applied for or searched for new jobs in order to keep their benefits, and they’re not required to register with Pennsylvania’s work search database.

Plus, the government has axed the customary week that claimants have to wait before benefits kick in, meaning benefits can begin immediately after claims are approved.

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From The Philadelphia Inquirer
Por Rebecca Moss

The $2 trillion federal stimulus package will provide some relief to unemployed workers, extending the maximum time they can collect benefits from 26 to 39 weeks and providing $600 in addition to the standard payment.

State officials do not yet know how these benefits will be distributed or when unemployed workers will see the additional help.

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