Can I go to the beach?

Published: 01 June, 2020 | Last updated: 01 June, 2020 6:40 pm

From The Philadelphia Inquirer
By Grace Dickinson

Can I go to the beach? Short answer: yes, but with restrictions.

Jersey Shore beaches are beginning to reopen. But Public Health Commissioner Thomas Farley urges all Philadelphians not to go. There are a lot of reasons not to go right now — to stay home and get your exercise done closer to where you live. Medical experts also weigh in that it’s just too soon.

Not all beaches are open, but more are beginning to welcome visitors, which not everyone thinks is a good idea. Many beaches are only open for exercise, which is allowed under stay-at-home orders as an essential activity. What’s allowed? Activities like running, walking, and fishing. Wildwood Crest is open for exercising, and also reopened its bike path and basketball and tennis courts.

No large groups are permitted — a mandate for all beaches right now. And again, you have to stay at least six feet away from others at all times. If you’re in a county, like Philadelphia, where stay-at-home orders are still in place, you’re supposed to stay home unless traveling for an essential reason.

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