How do I safely social distance outside?

Published: 27 May, 2020 | Español

From The Philadelphia Inquirer
By Elizabeth Wellington

Yes, people are encouraged to still go outside. It’s not healthy to stay in all day. However, it’s important to practice social distancing while out. That means staying six feet away from people, so even if you cross paths with someone who has been exposed to the coronavirus, you won’t be caught by a wayward cough or a sudden sneeze.

Carry some hand sanitizer or a few Clorox sheets with you in a plastic bag so you can wipe your hands immediately after touching surfaces, including poles or benches. And if you have to sit down on a bench, make sure it’s unoccupied so you can keep the proper 6-feet distance away.

Take runs, hikes, and walks, in spaces where staying 6 feet away is easily achievable. That means the Schuylkill Banks is probably not your best bet. And, if someone does cross your path, just jog around them.

Remember the problem is about being in crowds. But going outside is key to maintaining a sense of normalcy and is encouraged.

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