How can I help or donate in Philadelphia during the coronavirus?

Published: 01 June, 2020 | Español

From The Philadelphia Inquirer
By Gary Thompson, Ellen Gray, Juliana Feliciano Reyes

Here are a list of groups taking donations to help people affected by the coronavirus in the region:

  • PHL COVID-19 Fund: (City of Philadelphia, Philadelphia Foundation, United Way) “The PHL COVID-19 Fund will rapidly and equitably deploy solutions and resources to help our nonprofit community navigate near- and longer-term challenges from COVID-19 and ensure that critical resources remain available for those in our community who need it most.”
  • Philabundance: “Philabundance is building and distributing emergency food boxes across our nine-county service area. Please consider helping cover the cost of as many boxes as possible to help our neighbors in need through this difficult and unprecedented time.”

Here are specific relief funds started by workers and community members:

Business relief funds. The following groups have started local business relief funds, with a goal of providing micro-grants to local business owners.

Know where your money is going. Charity Navigator, which evaluates nonprofits, has a list of “highly rated” organizations that are raising money to respond to the crisis:

Buy groceries/run errands

While stocking your pantry, you can help people who can’t stock theirs. A group of Philly organizers has started Philly Mutual Aid - Neighbors Helping Neighbors to connect those in need with those who can help. They’re looking for volunteers to deliver groceries and medication to people who can’t leave the house, as well as cash donations.

Help a food bank

Donations are welcome and volunteers are urgently needed at Philabundance, said communications coordinator Samantha Retamar. “We’re asking anybody that’s healthy, that’s not been sick or not been around anyone who’s been sick, or anybody that doesn’t live with an elderly person to volunteer,” she said. You can reach out through and click through the portal asking for volunteers.

Want to give money or food? Retamar said the organization prefers monetary donations to food donations. “We can stretch that dollar further, we can get the food that people actually need, and we don’t want people going out to the grocery store where the shelves are bare,” Again, donations can be made through

Give blood

There’s been a massive shortage, as blood drives have been canceled. Local officials have asked any individuals who are healthy to donate blood as soon as they are able.

Reach out to seniors

Among those who might feel the most isolated: Seniors. Arthur Weisfeld of Community Senior Services in Delaware County said his organization, on the front lines of providing food and services to seniors, welcomes donations and volunteers. He said that for the elderly, self-isolation — recommended during the outbreak — can create health issues as serious as smoking or diabetes. His organization is organizing telephone outreach to its client base and said that everyone should remember that “social engagement is very important. and valuable to the well being of (elderly) friends, neighbors, and family. Check on them as often as you can.”

Find a way to give back online

Are there things that you can offer people without going outside? Fitness studios are offering free online classes for people cooped up indoors. And two Philly roommates decided to take challenge requests — like reenacting movie scenes, or doing a shot of Smirnoff with a spicy brown mustard chaser — and perform them online to raise money for people who need help. It’s all about getting creative. What do you have to offer?

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